Good News/Bad News This Morning

The Good News: I awoke to find that we have our first, teensy weensy Sugar Baby Icebox watermelon on the vine. It looks like a watermelon for fairies at this point – perfectly formed, only in miniature.


The Bad News: I also awoke to Jon informing me that instead of trapping the giant, pale colored raccoon that’s been boldly coming around our property (and our chickens) in broad daylight, not to mention at night, the trap Jon set last night had instead captured, you guessed it, my favorite wild critter of all time… A FREAKING POSSUM.


And now Jon is off to work this morning, and I am left here at home with the task of figuring out what to do with this caged possum, with its venal stench, bared teeth and switching tail. I guess I will start by calling the local animal control office and asking them what they recommend.

UPDATE: The Animal Control folks couldn’t have been nicer. They are coming out before noon to retrieve the possum from the humane trap here at our house. They will apparently do this any time a honeowner traps possum, raccoons or similar wild animal that can’t stay around.

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